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Nov 26, 2022·edited Nov 26, 2022

....what a fun link as a cultural data point - I had to comment on your choice to include it:

"Most Billboard Hot 100 pop songs don’t have key changes anymore, which is a real bummer"

100% true – on and off Billboard. But to be fair - many musicians have employed other techniques to make music more interesting in both production and instrumentation / technique that one might say can trump key change as a metric of complexity and emotive trait. In terms of pure composition though, pop music seems to be becoming progressively dumbed-up – it’s a little sad....or not? more accessible now? It's supposed to be pop. hmmm.

What does it mean?

I think as tastes change, popular music composition is cyclical, and feel we are on the far side of a pendulum swing for pop. If you choose not to listen to pop - no change - talent is out there and you choose to find it, support it and listen :)

I appreciate that you include these types of links with the finance / construction metrics - they are all related in some way? relationships too complex for us to use right now.

Sorry my comment is way too long, but enjoyed your inclusion of this link.

I'll be good - I'll be have from now on ;)

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