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Home Prices, Yuma, and Workplace Fatalities

Population Growth: Winners, Losers, & Charts

A Very Merry Week in Review

Where have all the workers gone?

Inflation, Retail Sales, & Nuclear Fusion

From Gas Prices to Consumer Sentiment

Week in Review: Nov 28-Dec 2

November Jobs Report a Cause for Concern

Holiday Travel, Durable Goods, and Gas Prices

Legal Weed in the Free State

Retail Sales, Housing Stats, & Inflation (obviously)

Midterms, Inflation, & Sunshine

Six Charts To Keep you Sane During Midterms

A Rate Hike, Construction Spending, & JOLTS

October Job Growth Slowest Since Dec. 2020

Inflation, GDP, & Some Spooky Housing Stats

Q&A: Inflation, Interest Rates, and an Orioles World Series

Housing Starts, Industrial Production, and Frequent Fliers

October 2022 Question Request

Inflation: So Hot Right Now

Week in Review: Oct. 3-7

Jobs Report Too Good in September

Week in Review: Sep. 26-30

Housing Stats, Russia, & a Rate Hike

September 2022 Question Request

Inflation, Retail Sales, & More Inflation

OPEC, Trade Deficits, and the Service Economy

A Strong Dollar, Inflation, & Trickle Down Economics

Did Labor Win the Pandemic?

Jobs, Job Openings, & Jobless Claims

Labor Force Grows Heading into Labor Day Weekend

August 2022 Question Request

All is (not) forgiven

Retail Sales & A Housing Recession

Inflation, Productivity, and Consumer Sentiment

Recession, Immigration, & the Enduring Value of the Dollar

Week in Review: August 1-5

A Shockingly Good Jobs Report

Is It Too Soon for the R Word?

Group Subscriptions & July Question Request

Housing Data Galore

Marylanders, I need your help

Inflation, Retail Sales, and More

Week in Review: July 4-8

There's No Mentum like Momentum

Week in Review: June 27-July 1

Inflation, Tiny Houses, & OnlyFans

Question Request for June 2022

Week in Review: June 20-24

Inflation: What (and Who) to Blame

Week in Review: June 13-17

Week in Review: June 6-10

Apparently I Don't Have a Crystal Ball

Week in Review: May 30-June 3

May 2022 Jobs Report

Week in Review: May 23-27

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Bad Economic Data are Coming

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April 2022 Jobs Report

April 2022 Q&A

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Week in Review: March 28-April 1

March 2022 Jobs Report

March 2022 Q&A

A Very Basic Primer on Interest Rates

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Feb. 2022 Jobs Report

February 2022 Q&A

Economic Implications of the Russian Invasion

Week in Review: Feb. 21-25

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Today's Jobs Report: Way Better Than Expected

Lower Your Expectations for Friday’s Jobs Report

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Today’s Jobs Report: Sir Mixed Up-a-Lot