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Question Request for 2024 Q&A

Pirates, Deflation, Housing, & More

Monday Morning Optimism 12/18/2023

A Blockbuster Week for the Economy

Monday Morning Optimism 12/11/2023

Confidence, Jobs, & Lethal Lemonade

Jobs Report Stronger Than Expected (Again)

Disinflation, Record Travel, & More

30-Year Construction Trends Part 2: The Fall & Rise of American Manufacturing

Dinner Deflation, Oil Prices, & More

(Dis)Inflation, New Home Construction, & More

Credit Card Debt, Credit Conditions, & More

Why Everyone Is on Parental Leave Right Now

A Focus Group Invitation for Marylanders

30-Year Construction Trends Part 1: The Retail Apocalypse

Gas Prices, an Interest Rate Decision, & More

Hiring Cooled in October

GDP, Inflation, A Victory Lap, & More

Wednesday Links

Retail Sales, Consumer Finances, & More

Until Something Breaks

Record Oil Production, Inflation, & More

Jobs, Strikes, Oil, & More

Wednesday Links

Why Anirban Might Be Right

Good Data, Bad Outlook

Wednesday Links

Housing Stats, A Shutdown, & More

Child Poverty, Inflation, & More

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Gas Prices, Mortgage Stats, & More

Labor Flexes Its Muscles

Bad Policy, Inflation, & More

Job Growth Strong in August

Is the Consumer about to Tank?

Housing, Dick's Shrinkage, & More

Thoughts on Gas Prices

Mortgage Rates, Nickelback, & More

Pity the City

Inflation, Debt, & More

Sadly, Size Matters in Business, Too

Gas Prices, A Rating Downgrade, & More

Hiring Slowed in July

GDP, Inflation, & A Rate Hike

What Blunted Higher Interest Rates?

Recession, Retail Sales, & Resi. Construction

Inflation Better Than Expected, Worse Than it Looks

Jobs, Manufacturing Data, & Firework Injuries

Job Growth Slows

Income, Savings, Spending, & Inflation

Economy Stays Hot

June 2023 Q&A

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Housing, Partisan Problems, & Traffic Fatalities

Monday Morning RAGE

A Freudian Skip, Inflation, & More

Monday Morning Optimism: 6/12/23

Smoke, a Bull Market, & More

Monday Morning Optimism: 6/5/23

Record Travel, Job Openings, & More

May Jobs Report: The Definition of Insanity

Question Request: June 2023

Are delinquency rates rising?

Inflation, Income, & More

My Feelings about Consumers' Feelings

Monday Morning Optimism: 5/22/23

Baby Names, Retail Sales, & Housing Stats

Monday Morning Optimism: 5/15/23

Inflation, Credit Conditions, & an Initial Claims Mystery

Monday Morning Optimism 5/8/2023

A Rate Hike & So Much More

April 2023 Jobs Report

Monday Morning Optimism 5/1/2023

The Economy as a Beheaded Saint

Monday Morning Optimism 4/24/23

Housing, Credit Conditions, & More

The Six Signs of Recession

Monday Morning Optimism 4/17/23

Inflation, Retail Sales, & More

Monday Morning Optimism 4/10/23

Jobs, OPEC, & Ouching Like Hell

March 2023 Jobs Report

Monday Morning Optimism 4/3/23

Rents, The Saving Rate, and Inflation

Monday Morning Optimism 3/27/23

A Rate Hike, Home Sales, & More

Monday Morning Optimism 3/20/23

Banking Mayhem, Inflation (x2), & More

Monday Morning Optimism 3/13/23

Week in Review: Mar. 6-10

Hiring Stays Strong in Feb-23

Monday Morning Optimism 3/6/23

Q&A: Recession, Home Prices, & Regulatory Costs

The Economy as Keanu Reaves

The Surprisingly Healthy U.S. Consumer

A Week of Bad Economic Data

When good (& bad) news are actually bad news

Question Request: February 2023

Trade Deficit, Buy American, & More

Quick Thoughts on Inflation

A Blurred Lines Economy

U.S. Labor Market: So Hot Right Now

Jan-23 Q&A Part II

Quick Thoughts on Layoffs

Week in Review: Jan. 23-27

Jan-23 Q&A Part I

Union Membership, Inflation, & Retail Sales

Question Request for January 2023


Predictions for 2023

2023's First Week in Review

December Jobs Report a Good One

Some Quick Thoughts on Inflation